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Albert Graebner was born August 15, 1910 in Cleveland, Ohio. Educated at Ohio State University, Grandpa majored in Elementary Education and Engineering. In fact, Grandpa met Grandmother while teaching at the same school. An avid supporter of the Boy Scouts, Grandpa received the "Silver Beaver" award, given by Scout council to extra special volunteers. Upon his death on March 4, 1971, Grandpa was cremated, and his ashes spread on "Inspiration Point" at Philmont Boy Scout Camp.

I was five years old when Grandpa died, but I still have memories of sitting on his lap as we peeled and ate oranges. I still eat oranges in "boats" in his honor!

Grandmother wrote several poems about her husband.
These are my favorites:

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by Helen Graebner

by Helen Graebner

We're going down to Daddy's shop,
Where Daddy works, you see.
Oh, red light! please don't make us stop
We're anxious as can be
To get there 'fore the whistles blow
To see the big machines at work
And watch the gears and levers go.


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