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Meet Helen and Diane Graebner


Helen Graebner

Born July 23, 1912 - Died August 12, 2004
Helen Graebner was born in Perrysburg Township, in Wood County, Ohio (which is right outside of Toledo). She began teaching in North Olmstead, Ohio, until she met Albert Graebner who was teaching Industrial Arts and Math at the same school. Helen and Albert were married in 1935 in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Helen and Albert had two children, Bruce and Judy.

In her lifetime, Helen has lived in 27 different homes in 6 different states! In 2001, Helen was named second runner up in the Ms. Senior Ohio Pageant in Rocky River, Ohio.

As a teacher, Grandmother loved to share her love of poetry with adults and children. Here are some of the poems Grandmother wrote about her Students:

Grandmother's travels have also brought her to Europe, Asia, and other exotic locations! She has visited 14 countries, and has seen such wonders of the world as the Taj Mahal, the Parthenon, and Corinth. She wrote several poems about her travels.

Grandmother lived in Rapid City, South Dakota until her death in 2004.

Grandmother at the Taj Mahal
Helen at the Taj Mahal

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Diane Graebner

Born September 8, 1966
Diane was born in the college town of Normal, Illinois. Diane has always enjoyed travel, perhaps because she lived in many different states as a child. She has resided in Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, New York, Florida, Wisconsin, and Michigan over the years.

Diane began writing in early Elementary School. She enjoyed writing poetry and short stories. Diane frequently had her poems and stories published in school newsletters or local publications. She still enjoys writing, although she is not as prolific a writer as she was when she young!

To read some of Diane's earliest poetry, go here:

In 1988, Diane graduated from Illinois State University (ironically located in Normal, Illinois!) with a degree in Elementary Education. Deciding that teaching was not her interest, Diane searched for a career that suited her.

In her search for a career, Diane joined the international organization, UP WITH PEOPLE. Diane was able to travel throughout Europe and the United States performing in a musical show, participating in community activities, and learning about the people and cultures of the towns she visited.

After UP WITH PEOPLE, Diane moved to Orlando, Florida to work at Walt Disney World. While there, Diane began working at one of the Disney resorts. Working her way up through the ranks of the hotel, Diane finally discovered her career: Travel and Tourism. After working in hotels and private golf communities in South Florida and South Carolina, Diane returned to Orlando. She currently works in the box office of the Blue Man Group at Universal Studios in Orlando, and spends one day a week working at Best Friends Pet Care at Walt Disney World.

Diane lives in Clermont, Florida with her two adopted dogs; fox terrier, Ike and her rat terrier, Isabella.

Diane at an early age
Diane in 5th Grade
Both Helen and Diane have been active in their communities. They have spent many hours volunteering with many different groups. These are some of the Organizations & Charities that are important to them:


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