Grandma's Lap

Poetry for Children

The poem "Grandma's Lap" was inspired by receiving a book of Grandma's collected poetry for Christmas. Grandmother apologized for the "cheapness" of her gift.  I responded by writing "Grandma's Lap" and sending it to HER for her birthday!

Read the Poem Here:

Grandma's Rocking Chair  
by Diane Graebner

These are some of the poems that inspired "Grandma's Lap".  They are some of my favorite poems from my childhood.  These poems were written for my Father, Bruce and his sister, my Aunt Judy, when THEY were children.

by Helen Graebner

There's a big old Lion
living up in our tree
But no one can see him
but Mommy and me.
He's a fierce old fellow
but he won't bite you
'Cause he hasn't any teeth,
so he cannot chew!
He lives on soup and milk
and tea,
That big old Lion living up
in our tree!
He swishes his tail and he
groans and growls,
He shakes his head
and he moans and howls.
He's a fierce old fellow,
but he won't bite you
'Cause he hasn't any teeth
so he cannot chew!
Cookie Horse
Diane on "Cookie" the Horse

Diane and Newborn Brother Jeff
"Big Sister" Diane and her brother Jeff
Big Brother
by Helen Graebner

I've a brand new baby sister
Whose name is Judith Ann.
I'm going to help take care of her --
My mother says I can.

For I am her Big Brother.
She'll need me don't you see,
To hold her bottle for her
And hug her carefully.

And when she's sleeping soundly
I'll be quiet as a mouse.
Big brothers come in handy
When a baby's in the house.

Toy Train
by Helen Graebner

"Toot! Toot!" the little train says
As around the curve it whizzes.
It's the Fairyland Special with
  dreams for its freight
Making up time 'cause it's ten seconds late
Never was train such as this!

It has whistles that blow,
and bells that ring,
Switches that work
And bridges that swing,
Houses with lights in,
Trees flashing past
And a station of tin
With a flag on the mast.

The engineer's wishes are law on this train
"All aboard now" or we'll be late again!

The Fairyland Special leaving now
on track eight
With a boy at the switchboard
and dreams for its freight!
Father on the phone
Bruce Graebner, Diane's father

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