The Victim

I'm glad that punk's in jail. He deserves everything he gets. A guy ought to be safe walking in his own neighborhood, but no, some young punk always has to prove himself by doing something dumb. I just hope I can get my wallet back. Now that he's behind bars, maybe the streets will be safe again. I hope that this punk will be locked up for life. Maybe that will show all those other punks out there what happens to those who steal things that belong to others. Money isn't everything. I don't really mind losing $50 or so. It's just that if one kid's gonna steal they're all gonna follow. I should know, I had a hard life, too. My father hated me, my mother didn't have time for me. But I didn't let it get to me. I got a job and look at me now. How can I help this kid before it's too late? Will I be doing him a favor by dropping the charges, or should I keep him off the streets so he won't steal again? If he'd ask, I could help him. I could make it so he wouldn't need to steal. He needs help. I should know. I was once a "punk" myself.

The Victim
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