My Nephew the Pirate!

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Published on: May 21, 2009

My nephew Andy is a pirate. Ok, he’s not a pirate in the sense of most pirates, but he is a pirate of sorts. You see, his initials are ARG (of piraty “Aaaaarrrrrrrrggggggggg!” fame).

Andy has a wonderful creative streak (he gets that from his Aunt!). He loves cars and travel, and has an airplane as an imaginary friend. One day, while discussing the poem “Change is Hard,” which I’d just written, Andy announced that he wanted a poem too. I don’t write on demand very well, but Andy was insistant. I wrote “Andy Goes to Florida” for him.

On another occassion, I decided that I hadn’t written a short story for awhile. I wanted to write something fun for ARG. I came up with the idea for “Andy Goes on a Trip” based on his love of cars. I figured he’d enjoy reading about himself as a car. I asked him to draw some illustrations for the story. We’re still waiting on his illustrations (life is busy when you travel and visit theme parks as much as my family does), but until then I figured I’d post the story as it is.

Grandmother wrote many poems and short stories for her kids, and later for us grandkids growing up. I hope I can carry on her tradition!

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