Suzie Goes to School

by Helen Graebner

Once upon a time there was a littleGirl named Suzie (Well, her name really was Diane Susan, but when she was just a tiny Baby her father said that she looked like a Suzie to him and that was what he was going to call her.  And he did, and so did everyone else.)

At first, Suzie just ate and slept - and cried sometimes.  But after awhile she Smileed and cooed and sat up and crawled and pretty soon she walked and talked.

Suzie was a a very good little Angel.  (Most of the time anyhow.)  She liked to go on visits to see her grandma's and grandpas and she liked to have them come to see her.

She liked lots of things, such as: Favorite Things, and lots of other things too!

She loved her Mother her Father and her Babybrother.

She liked birthdays, too.  And birthday parties and birthday cakes Cake and birthday Presents!

First she was One year old.  Then Two.  And thenThree and then Four!

And Then when Suzie was almost Five a WONDERFUL THING HAPPENED!

Suzie Started to School.

One day she woke up Awake and stretched and yawned - and then she remembered - THIS would be her First Day in School.

She ate a big breakfast - because going to school takes lots of energy and after awhile she put on a new Dress and she went to school.

She met her teacher and many Boys and Girls.  She played and sang and looked at books.

Very soon it was time to go home.  The First Day of School was over and now Suzie, who was almost 5, was a big really truly School School Girl.

This is a TRUE STORY about a real little girl I know = YOU know her too!

Happy First Day of School, Suzie!

Love, Grandma G.

About Suzie Goes to School
I received many of Grandmother's "picture stories" when I was a child!  She signed every letter and story she wrote with her "picture autograph." She also spelled "Suzie" differently every time she wrote it.  I spelled my name S U Z Y.  After years of teasing her about not being able to spell my name, I began receiving letters addressed to "Penelope" and "Hermione".  That'll teach me!

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