December Sunset

by Helen Graebner

I stood in a field at sunset,
Before me spread
Myriads of dry brown goldenrod flowers
Swaying as the cool wind
Blew across them
And whispering softly to each other
Of the sunny fall days
When they were golden loveliness
Bending to a warmer breeze.

Far away the sky blazed cerise
Against patches of translucent blue
Which seemed to offer a glimpse
Into paradise itself

Stark tree shapes were etched
Against the brilliant western clouds.
Jet trails gleamed gold
Then crimson,
Then turned to smoky grey
As the sun disappeared
In one final scarlet flame.

The wind blew cold against my face.
The promise of glancing through
The windows of heaven
Was not fulfilled ---
But I remembered
The earlier beauty
Of the now dark sky
And shared with the goldenrod
The memory of the autumn--
And I was content.

See Helen Graebner's original handwritten copy of this poem RIGHT HERE.

Photo by Bruce Graebner

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